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Blake Ross
Co-founder, Firefox

Blake Ross is best known for cofounding Firefox, an open-source web browser developed by thousands and downloaded by over 160 million people. (His grandfather takes credit for half of them.) He also cofounded the grassroots SpreadFirefox initiative which has been emulated by dozens of companies as the new model for marketing software on a shoestring budget.

In 2005, Ross was featured on the cover of Wired and nominated for the magazine's top award, Renegade of the Year, opposite Jon Stewart and the cofounders of Google. He was also a part of Rolling Stone's 2005 hot list. Ross has appeared on ABC World News Tonight and dozens more television programs and publications worldwide to promote easier computing, including the highly acclaimed National Enquirer. His star may never rise so high again.

Ross was hired by Netscape at age 15 while attending high school in Miami, Florida. Now 20, he is currently on leave from the undergraduate program at Stanford University to work on a new project. When he's not working, Ross enjoys playing the piano, writing, film editing and sleeping through Mondays.

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