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Catherine Smith
Director of Marketing, Linden Lab

As Director of Marketing for Linden Lab, Catherine Smith is responsible for the communications and promotional activities for the virtual world Second Life. With daily responsibilities that might rival those of the press secretary of a rapidly developing nation, Smith surveys the virtual landscape to identify those residents who are developing the economic, social and creative aspects of Second Life to promote their stories and develop ways to attract others to join the Second Life community.

Prior to joining Linden Lab in 2003, Smith was the Director of Marketing for foolsFURY, an avant garde theater company based in San Francisco. In addition to foolsFURY and Linden Lab, Smith has held senior marketing positions at Uplister (playlist sharing community) and at ActionAce (ecommerce) and Cartoon Network where she was the Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast Brand Manager and online marketing devotee. She moved to San Francisco in 1996 to help start Turner New Media whose first project, oddly enough, was a 3D Virtual World featuring Cartoon Network characters. Although it may have realized great success, alas it never got off the ground.

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